About MawTaik

We are a diversified holding company in Myanmar that invests in building a portfolio of businesses spanning property, eduction, information technology, and food & beverage.

About Us

It is impossible to ignore the enormous economic, political and social transformations which have been sweeping through Myanmar in recent times. Change is happening at a rapid pace in Myanmar. Equally important, Myanmar is taking steps to liberalise its state controlled economy. These developments bring immense opportunities to invest and conduct business Myanmar.

In recognising Myanmar as offering a significant untapped potential for abundant investment opportunities. In the coming years, we intend to build a portfolio of investments across growth industries with a potential to deliver superior returns. Starting with our flagship property development that lays the foundation for our growth, we have are investing in education and information technology sectors which resonates to our core values of sustainable and responsible investments. We intend to expand into the food & beverage sector shortly after. Our companies have been established with the intent of building sustainable and ethical business which serve to benefit the wider communities we operate it, whilst ensuring viable business models that will fuel the growth and progress of the Myanmar economy.

Local expertise and understanding of the Myanmar business environment paired with the global experience of our executive team forms the foundation of our unique proposition. Moreover, being deeply rooted in the region enables us to play an effective role as agents of economic development. Our executive teams across our portfolio companies share common values and adheres to the highest ethical standards. Most importantly, our organisation is outward looking and built upon a philosophy that embraces the cultures of the wider region in which we operate.